Aquablade11 and Angragon.

Aquablade11 is the main character in the Aquablade Chronicles. He is usually a Water Typed Pokémon Sprite, but he also has a human form.


Button MashEdit


Button Mash in action.

Main article: Button Mash

Button Mash is a Fire Typed move created by Aquablade. It is the first spriter move Aquablade learned to use, after facing Angragon in a round of Super Smasb Bros.

Rock OnEdit


Rock On in action.

Main article: Rock On

Rock On is a Rock Typed move created by Aquablade11. It is the second spriter move AB learned to use, after helping out the pokemon band.

Water BlastEdit


Water Blast in action.

Main article: Water Blast

Water Blast is a Water Typed move that does damage to a specified target.



Sunrise in action.

Main article: Sunrise (Move)

Sunrise is a status move which gives the user a speed boost.


Aquablade Chronicles Characters

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