Aquablade fanboys, also known as the Fanpuer de Unda Vesica, are an infectious beast that annoys the hell out of the ancients to spriting. Their common habitat is Aquablade's channel. May they be watching his videos, begging for attention in his comments, or just using his comments box as a chatroom, they all inhabit his channel in some way.

Aquablade Fanboys on Aquablade's Channel CommentsEdit

These are probably the most annoying fanboys in existence, and the only truly notable ones. However, they can be grouped into several different groups according to what they do there. Here are the main ones.

The Chatter (Fanpuer Sermo)Edit

These fanboys are social creatures, which use Aquablade11's channel as a chatroom. These fanboys tend to be complained of a lot by other Aquablade11 fanboys (usually Closet Fanboys), when they in fact contradict themselves for having conversations in the channel comments section with Chatters about how annoying the Chatter in question is. Chatters will stay on Aquablade's channel for as long as 5 hours, constantly pressing the comment box's refresh button, to catch new messages from randoms that they can respond to.

A good expample of The Chatter is Aquapal99.

The Advertiser/Spammer (Fanpuer Vendo)Edit

These fanboys are common to use Aquabalde's comment section as a gold-mine for advertising their various items. They will tend to ask either every reader, or Aquablade in specific, to do one of the following:

  • To look at their channel,
  • To look at their videos, just their sprite videos, or a certain video in specific,
  • To enter their contest,
  • To sub them or add them as a friend,
  • To comment on their channel.

If you see one of The Advertiser/Spammer's messages, ignore it. Don't make people assume that you are a Closet Fanboy by responding to it, by telling them to "GET OFF OF AB'S CHANNEL, STOP ADVERTISING, BLAH BLAH BLAH."

The Intent Fan (Fanpuer Tanktralis)Edit

These fanboys will comment on Aquablade's channel on topics of how they enjoyed the latest Aquablade Chronicles episode, or anything about Aquablade in general. These are also the fanboys that are seen requesting sprites from Aquablade, and they are also the ones constantly pitching ideas for either a sprite battle, or The Aquablade Chronicles: Season 3, which he said himself he is not going to make. These fanboys, when making suggestions, are often ranted on by Closet Fanboys. Lulz will ensue.

The Closet Fanboy (Fanpuer Altus)Edit

These are by far the worst fanboys on the comment fanboy section. An incredibly notable member of this species is JDC11tendo. We'll talk about him later on in the article, though. (Yeah, cause everyone who lives 3'000 miles from someone is in their closet. -.- ~JDC) THIS IS A GREAT EXAMPLE OF THE ABOVE. This person thinks he's doing good for the Channel, but he's really a fag who thinks he's not a noob.He has no life so he thinks he's smart. If you are reading this, go to his channel and say "Your a not a savior, your a fag" I think he is a 10 year old who thinks he's smart. NOT EVEN DB88 COULD STOP HIM!! D: But he can't seem to understand what smart means, even thought he said:" Oh, and if you look at my report card, it says "top grades"." It seems he does't have any interwebs smart in him. :\ Maybe if he leaves youtube and comes back when he's 15 or 14, he'll know what "smart" means.

FACT: Most Closet Fanboys 'fighting' for Aquablade's channel, in fact, have no lives.

FACT: Scizorica, (above) thinks he's a guardian of the channel, but even if he was, he appointed himself, (though I'm pretty sure DB is a guardian).

QUICKIE ARTICLE: Self-Recognizing Fanboys (Fanpuer Mirrurus) - These fanboys KNOW they are fanboys, and yet, do not hesitate to show it. There is no apparant reawson for this behaviour. Shadowbone66 is a great exampple of this. He is also the one writing this, as he has NO IDEA how to edit this so it looks nice. :D

Famous FanboysEdit


He is by far the most popular Closet Fanboy. He has, for several months, been "trying to fight off the swarms of noobs infesting Aquablade's channel." However, all he's been doing is acting like a retard. He thinks that he is the ultimate guardian of Aquablade's channel, but like I said, he's just a retard. You won't believe this, but people actually appreciate his work. Like, oh my God! X3

JDC11tendo in the Aquablade Chronicles Season 2: Belt of InfinityEdit

His constant flooding of Aquablade's channel made him noticed by everybody, including Aquablade himself. This attention got him into the Aquablade Chronicles Season 2: Belt of Infinity. This is complete bullshit. D:<

JDC11tendo's Reaction to Being in the Aquablade Chronicles Season 2: Belt of InfinityEdit

After being featured in the Aquablade Chronicles, he made a reaction video. He claimed that he was not fanboy-orgasming over it when he made the video, but we all knew he actually was. Like totally. He ACTUALLY thinks that being in the Aquablade Chronicles is something to brag about! He thinks it's like acting in Avatar! What a fool! XD

It is also said that JDC fought off noobs just to be in the ACs. Quite frankly, I don't think that many of us would be surprised if these were his true intentions.

(Which they weren't. ~JDC)

("Agreed, this is by far my favorite section 8D lol very truthful indeed" ~Dr09)

In The aquablade Chronicles????

In The aquablade Chronicles????

Just fucking look at this. Total fanboy reaction to being in the Aquablade Chronicles.


Numba's actually a fanGIRL, and also, she's a pretty cool girl. She's only considered a fanboy GIRL because of what her username consists of. She joined when she was a fan of Aquablade, but was actually less of a fanboy than most of the fanboys on Aquablade's channel, thus making her technically not a fanboy at all. But yet, she still is. Also, herer account is now closed. Maybe this means she's done with being an Aquablade11 fan?

  • her, before you start writing stuff, learn how to spell. ~JDC

The RAN ProjectEdit

RAN stands for Resbel Against Noobs. This is a group made for Closet Fanboys of Aquablade who want to fight off the other species of fanboys, calling those species noobs, when they are in fact noobs as well. Here is a quote from RAN:

"A group that has zero tolerance for Aquablade's or anyone else's noobs. We will attempt to defeat these trecharous beings by.....leaving vile comments, sending evil messages, and maybe even beat them up. This is the duty of RAN." ~ ButterzDaPanda (cited from the description of the YouTube group for RAN, created by this fag.)

Honestly, what drives the closet fanboys to be so ridiculous about other species of fanboy? It is truly sickening that these fanboys have to fight off the other fanboys, and call them noobs, when they are all noobs, as stated before.

Alllssssooooooo....JDC11tendo was recommended to be the leader of this group. You KNOW that it's dumbtarted when that floats around.