Burn is, IRL, an icecream truck. Being a truck, he cannot feel any emotions but pure hate and anguish. He has a raging hatred for ice cream, and being a delivery service for it enrages him to his very core.&nbsp


Burn (left) and his prom date (right)

He has a horrible sudoku addiction, playing for hours on end. Usually, it takes him hours to finish, for he is a truck, and this angers him to an unmeasurable extent.

He died from a strangely aggressive case of Brain Freeze. His non-existant brain(still a truck) froze to the core, and sent him on a frosty rampage in his last hours of life.

That picture that Katie posted is Burn's driver, whom he hates intently, and his prom date with his prom date's face in place of his. Silly Katie. Stfu it's an improvement >:C

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