The Legendary Steve.

Old fart who wasn't actually an old fart as he was beaten in age by Drago and Subwhore. Also a Bisexualcurious hoe and origin of fail.

Had a yuri addiction along with reading romance fanfiction- mainly about lesbians, a trait which he shares with UmbraZaxrSplit. Also has multiple pictures of tyco semi-nude because tyco turns him on.

Unfortunately, he died at the age of 74 after having oral sex with a great white shark. The shark bit his penis off
File:Craig doin it rite.png
and he lost a large proportion of his blood from the accident. He could not be brought back round after the incident. But shortly came back to life but under the name of Steve and formed a "Brotherhood" of the eeveelutions and is currently in a relationship with Crystal Renamon.

He is currently in a loli relationship with Cayla (aka poke12masta, CodeKuroCharm, etc...), who he has been crushing on for at least a year. His obsession with the 12-year-old girl is a bit scary, but we've all learned to just sit back and accept him for the little girl-loving man he is.

We love you Craig.

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