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AC's 2 Belt of Infinity Ep

AC's 2 Belt of Infinity Ep. 19 Greed, Hatred, and Revenge


Late in this episode, Aquablade11 beat Skullsaber using a strategy and took the Belt of Infinity from him.

Descriptions Edit

"Even though Aquablade's rage was a little overdramatic, the point of this episode was to attempt to catch the audience off-guard. In this case, make Aquablade the villain for awhile, making people wonder what exactly will happen next. Like I mentioned in the description of episode 10, it would have been MUCH better if I had actually established Justice as a character, but no; I introduced her in episode 10, and BAM, she was Aquablade's love interest. Basically, if I had treated her as an actual character in the story rather than someone from my real life, I feel like her death and Aquablade's rage would have made a MUCH bigger impact on people, and be a LOT more believable and climactic. I also wanted to squeeze in the final battle against Skullsaber, because I wanted the final episode to be focused on something else entirely. This is easily the second best episode I've ever made (the final being number one), and I remember how much fun I had making it. One other issue with it is how much work went into the battles against evil Aquablade, but he ends up becoming good again just with a short random conversation, making all of the battles before it seem a bit useless. Oh well, enjoy!"

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