Heart of Darkness

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Heart of Darkness is the 20th episode of Aquablade Chronicles: Belt of Infinity.


AC's 2 Belt of Infinity Ep02:29:06

AC's 2 Belt of Infinity Ep. 20 Heart of Darkness


  1. Aquablade discovers that Vaur can remove the effects of the Belt of Infinity, so the former destroys it because it's only possible use is to "properly" merge Sala and Vaur.
  2. It is revealed that Sala removed his heart, so that Vaur cannot become Salavaur, however, Vaur still adsorbed Sala anyways (and returns to his normal form).
  3. Aquablade and Vaur discovers that the opposite of the latter character is Sala (that means that Vaur can change into Salavaur). With this knowledge, Vaur clones himself and move the new clone into a crystal ball that changes whoever touches to his or her opposite (the original Sala).
  4. Sala and Vaur battle for control of Salavaur (by absorption) and Vaur wins. Vaur then adsorbs the original Sala and becomes Salavaur (in the first form).
  5. Near the end, most people with Uber Forms change into it.

Description Edit

"If you watch this from start to finish, without skipping any bit of it, you can consider yourself a true fan of the AC's (or insane :P). Since this is not split into parts like it was originally, it might not be as well-liked as it was in the old days. Oh well, it is still the best episode I ever made of the AC's, and I hope there are people who feel the same and watch it all the way through. I know some of the battles against Salavaur's forms may seem pointless and tend to drag on, but I wanted it to give the feeling of a final battle in a video game. Each form of Salavaur required some sort of strategy to defeat, and each was unique, different, and hopefully memorable. As for the Heart of Darkness battle, like I have said many times now, it would've been much more climactic if Justice was treated like an actual character rather than simply Aquablade's girlfriend in the real world. People felt this ending was forced because she had left me around the time of Episode 16, and a lot of people knew about it. Therefore, it was sort of a given that their relationship would have to end in some way in the AC's as well. However, I had actually planned this ending from the beginning before I had even met Justice, and the original love interest character was going to be Kelly. Interesting fact, huh? Therefore, this ending was not forced, and the fact that Justice left me had no impact whatsoever on it. It did impact the final conversation scenes, but that's it.

"Also... I really hope there are some people out there who really understand the message I was trying to give during the final conversation between Aquablade and Jason. Rewatching this episode, and that scene in particular, is what convinced me in the end that I should post this series again. It is a symbol of the lessons I learned from my experiences during the making of this series. I was a very different person when I started this series, and I have grown up quite a bit. Even if you fail at something, or you work really hard at something only to be shot down in the end, you are still able to learn from it. If it wasn't for all the struggles, hardships, and poor choices I went through during my time here on YouTube, I definitely would not be the person I am today. As much as I regret being a complete idiot back in the day, I guess I would never have learned from it otherwise.

"All in all, please enjoy my single greatest work on YouTube thus far. My new series will easily be better than this, but I'll bet a lot of people will still end up liking the AC's better due to nostalgia (which is a bit disappointing, considering how much work is going into the new one compared to this). Oh, and don't forget, there is one last part: the Epilogue, which in my opinion is just as important as this episode.

"P.S. If you've read this entire description, and actually cared about what it said, then you are awesome."


YouTube BugsEdit

  1. The YouTube video thumbnail for this video is broken (probably due to WMG content blocking it, or because of the video's long length).
  2. You can't watch the video on YouTube embedded players due to WMG content blocking.
    1. You also can't play on mobile (probably because of the WMG content).


Aquablade Chronicles: Belt of Infinity

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