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AC's 2 Belt of Infinity Ep

AC's 2 Belt of Infinity Ep. 13 Reunion

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"Many people have asked me if the human characters are based off of my real life friends. The answer to that question is both yes and no. None of them are an EXACT depiction of any single person. Instead, each of them have personality traits and physical features of a bunch of people I knew in real life at the time; which consisted of friends, random classmates, and friends I never see anymore. For example, Jason is a combination of two of my best friends from high school, and Kelly is combination of a girl I liked in 1st grade, a girl I asked to my junior prom, and some other random girl I knew in high school. As for their Pokemon, they are all based on real Pokemon that I have or have had at some point in my games. Putting that aside, this was somewhat of a good episode, since the human characters ACTUALLY have personalities, unlike most of the other characters so far. The only problem is that I feel like their dialogue drags on and seems almost pointless to the storyline overall. So yeah, enjoy!"

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