Sala is the god of light of the sprite world in the Aquablade Chronicles. Edit

He along with Vaur originally created the sprite world before it was destroyed by Salavaur and stored in Aquablade's computer. Sala's original sprite appears only in Episode 20 of AC's 2 after Vaur steals AB's cloning device making a clone of himself touch Fortuna's crystal ball transforming him into the opposite of himself. Sala and Vaur become face to face again after many years and proceed to the long awaited battle.

It is revealed in the same episode that Melzor the Wise is only the body and mind of Sala but not the complete one. He separated himself from his heart and sent it down to the sprite world where it became an entirely new sprite known as the Sun Sage. In the end, the Sun Sage ended up being a failure because his desicion-making skills were poor due to his heart being entirely of light.

It should also be noted that AB is a lazy shit and did not make the sprite himself, then failed to credit this on the Wiki page.

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