The first form

Salavaur is the God of the sprite world with 9 Forms in the Aquablade Chronicles. He is the merged form of Vaur and Sala, the Gods of darkness and light respectively, though only Vaur was in control of him, because the Belt of Infinity was destroyed and unusable, so he was not able to merge properly with Sala. Because of this, he was not immortal due to his heart being full of darkness.


First FormEdit

Salavaur Form 1

The first form

The first form (Normal) was used for the first battle and when Salavaur moved to a new Location for a new battle. This battle was located in Series 2 town. This form appeared to be unusually young.

Second FormEdit

Salavaur Form 2

The second form

The second form (Sorcerer) was used in the second battle. Salavaur could spawn six hands using the move Hand Generate. Those hands would protect and be controlled by Salavaur. He could not be attacked unless all the hands were destroyed first. This battle was located in AB Warrior's Hideout.

Third FormEdit

Salavaur Form 3

The third form

The third form (Polar Bot) had 3 HP bars. Its move "Frost Claw" would immediately freeze the opponent when attacked. It also had the move "Aurora Light" which would confuse all the opponents when used. The third battle was located in the Tundra.

Fourth FormEdit

Salavaur Form 4

The fourth form

The fourth form (Dual Tanks) were two tanks with different attack stats and defense. Salavaur was in control of both tanks which allowed him to attack twice and was harder to defeat since he had two separate HP bars. The light tank used the attack "Light Missile" which would the defeat the opponent in one hit. The dark tank used "Dark Missile" which would take the opponent out in 2 hits. This battle was located in the Sunrise Town Stadium.

Fifth FormEdit

The fifth form (Fire Ball) could generate mini versions of itself which allowed Salavaur to attack more than once. It also ignored the opponents' abilities such as DVL's Flash Fire. This battle was located in Core City.

Salavaur Form 5

The fifth form

Sixth FormEdit

Salavaur Form 6

The sixth form

The sixth form (Brain) had the power to mind control one of it's opponents at a time. It also had a move that made the opponents forget some of their moves and a move that paralyzes two opponents and confuses all of them. This battle was located in Cyberspace.

Seventh FormEdit

Salavaur Form 7

The seventh form

The seventh form (Swordsman) was an all-out attacker.

Eight FormEdit

Salavaur Form 8

The eight form

The eight form (Sala + Vaur) was two Pokémon that Salavaur controlled and shared HP with. The eight battle was located in Skullsaber's Lair.

Ninth FormEdit

Salavaur Form 9

The ninth form

The ninth form was obtained by Salavaur after a long enough wait in the earlier forms. In this form, both Salavaur and his Heart had 2,000,000 HP, and was impossible to be inflicted with Poison. To be defeated, his heart had to be defeated with light. This final battle was originally located in the Xavic Islands, before Salavaur changed the scenery to the Galaxy Black Hole.

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