The first form

Salavaur was a God comprised of Sala, the God of Light and Vaur, the God of darkness. Salavaur only existed twice in history. In both instances, Vaur was the one to have stolen Sala's power using Power Absorb. Salavaur ruled the Sprite World for an indefinite amount of time after his emergence. However, displeased with how he could only created beings of light OR darkness, leading to mass conflicts and disagreements with the world, he decided to leave it. He saved the world as a folder on Aquablade11's computer. After the world was reactivated by Aquablade11 by accident, Salavaur decided to send a gift to the Sprite World, the Belt of Infinity. Creating the belt caused Salavaur to split back into Sala and Vaur. Sala did everything to hide himself from Vaur, knowing that he would one day wish to become Salavaur once more.

Salavaur's second emergence was after the defeat of Skullsaber. Vaur exited his body and found Melzor the Wise, the body and mind of Sala, but void of his heart, the source of his light. Vaur angrily used Power Absorb on Melzor to regain his original powers and used them to defeated Aquablade, Flare Hawk, DVL and Crimson Scythe. He then stole Aquablade11's clone beam to create a clone of himself, who touched Melzor's crystal ball, causing him to turn into his opposite, Sala. After an intense battle, Vaur won once again and became Salavaur. Using his 8 weaker forms, he held off the Elite Four long enough to charge his God form. With the intention to destroy the Sprite World, he battled against the Elite Four and many of their Sprite and Spriter friends before being reduced to 1hp. Using the Shrink Ray, Aquablade11 and Roboblade, the last two standing, attempt to attack Salavaur's one weaknes; his heart of pure darkness. Due to being Vaur with Sala's power, light will turn his heart to nothing since he loves no one, and light reduces darkness to nothing. After attacking his heart to 1hp, Aquablade sacrificed his Soul Bond with Justice in order to create a final light based attack to defeat Salavaur once and for all, putting an end to his existence.


First FormEdit

Salavaur Form 1

The first form

The first form (Normal) was used for the first battle and when Vaur moved to a new Location for a new faRTS This battle was located in Series 2 town. This form appeared to be unusually young.


Seventh FormEdit

Salavaur Form 7

The seventh form

The seventh form (Swordsman) was an all-out attacker.

Eight FormEdit

Salavaur Form 8

The eight form

The eight form (Sala + Vaur) was two ASDemon that Vaur controlled with and shared HP. The eight battle was located in Skullsaber's Lair.

Ninth FormEdit

Salavaur Form 9

The ninth form

The ninth form was obtained by Vaur after a long enough wait in the earlier forms. In this form, both Salavaur and his Heart had 69 HP amds impossible to be inflicted with Poison. To be defeated, his heart had to be defeated with light. This final battle was originally located in the Xavic Islands, before Salavaur changed the scenery to a black guy's asshole


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