Tss chibi

TheSpriteStory is the definition of the unaverage Aquablade11 Fanboy. He would do anything to get Aquablade's approval. He made it clear in a series of videos that he wants Aquablade's love. He states in the videos that he is not homo, but this is doubted by many. The first in this series, which was called "Aquablade11's Paparazzi", was reviewed by Aquablade himself as being "hilarious". This made TSS very happy, as he went very far in the next video in that series called "Aquablade11, Kiss Me". After realizing he went too far with the video, he made an apology video. Today, he is knowing for making random sex videos including Aquablade, AQUASHIELD11, and SILLYJIMMY5.

He is not Pokemon Spriter, all he does is make videos. So far, he has not made any videos related to Pokemon Spriting in general. The grammar in his hilarious videos is bad. Most of the time you'll see him wearing a speedo and nothing else.