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The Sun Sage Chronicle01:03:12

The Sun Sage Chronicle

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"To those who were not around at the time of this video, I'll give a bit of background. I had wanted to make a prelude to the AC's for several reasons, and I wanted it to revolve around The Sun Sage and explain his story with Erunder. However, I did not have any idea what I wanted The Sun Sage to look like. My original description of him in the AC's was not one that seemed good enough to me. Therefore, I made my very first sprite contest, and at the time, it was the most widely entered pokemon sprite contest of all of YouTube (my 2nd contest broke that record :P). The people who I thought made a pretty good sprite would also be involved in the story in some way, since I needed almost all completely new characters. Some of them became a little unnecessary, but I feel like I gave all of them a small role that had some sort of impact on the story as a whole. Either way, I hope you enjoy this little blast from the past, since it was easily my greatest work at the time. I would even argue it is better than the AC's Season 1 finale."

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