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You guys know what today is? Anyone? No? It is the two year anniversary of the day I posted a video called "My Decision". For those of you who are newer, it was a video explaining my reasoning behind removing the video series that essentially kick-started my YouTube fanbase, the Aquablade Chronicles. I explained that I wanted to make a new series from the ground up, and have it be 100% original. Since then, I have posted a few videos here and there regarding its progress, such as ones looking for a music maker, a sprite maker, and then a few battle tests with a system I came up with.

How about today? Where are we now on this series? There has been no news about it since Battle Test 2, and that didn't even show a whole lot. What gives? Have I given up entirely and just not told anyone? Not even close. In fact, the series has made substantial progress lately, and the parts I have made are looking quite good, in my opinion.

Unfortunately, it is still FAR from being done. I have no idea how many episodes it is going to be, but so far I have made the PowerPoints for the Prologue, and episodes 1 through 7. I know everything that happens in the story; I just do not know how many episodes it will take, but based on how much of the story is left, we can assume I'm not even half way there. Especially considering the first 7 episodes are not technically "Done", as I still need to put them to video format, and add sound effects and music.

How long will this take exactly? That's the hard part. I have no idea how long it will take. Why is this? It is because this series is at the bottom of my priority list, unfortunately. My top priority is my job, and that shouldn't be surprising. I work about 45-50 hours a week. Anytime that I have off is usually spent doing something fun or relaxing, such as playing a video game, livestreaming, or recording a part for the next playthrough (Heh... all three of which involve doing the same thing technically <_<). Working on this series is indeed fun, but it requires a LOT of thought and motivation to work on, let alone work on it and actually make quality content. You'd be surprised at how many times I literally FORCED myself to work on it, and ended up scrapping everything I did because of how awful it turned out. This is why I usually revert to something I get more satisfaction out of doing, have a lot more fun with.

So what is the bottom line here? What is my point in saying all this? I guess I wanted to do two things. One, I want to reassure you all that the series is indeed being worked on, and I promise to finish it at some point. I hope by the time it is done, you guys who have been looking forward to it are still around, and are happy with what you see. Two, I wanted to thank you all for your continued support. Whether you're subscribed to me because you're anticipating the new series, you're enjoying watching my Pokemon stuff, or you simply like my videos as a whole, I appreciate it nonetheless. As a small token of my appreciation... here is a screenshot of one of the PowerPoint slides of the new series. Think of it a tiny sneak peek that doesn't directly TELL you anything about the series, but it shows what some of the characters look like, and some other things may be able to be inferred.

Thank you for reading this, and thank you again for your support. It has been a pleasure making videos for all these years, and I can't see myself stopping anytime soon. Rock on.

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